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NEA is a company which grew, first and foremost, out of a close working relationship between independent field scientists who, since the early 1990's, had been conducting environmental studies in the United Arab Emirates. Working mainly for the civil and oil/gas sectors and spanning a range of disciplines (notably marine biology, terrestrial ecology, ornithology and geomorphology) researchers found common cause in their respective studies, and over time developed stronger links and coperation. The company was formally established in 2005.

Based in Abu Dhabi (UAE), NEA works primarily in the Arabian Gulf countries, although projects have taken us into the wider Indian Ocean region. Our associates are noted professionals in the field of environmental investigations and impact assessments, possessing extensive and current knowledge of regional environmental issues.

Photograph: Simon Aspinall

Our Philosophy

  1. We affirm that our Clients are the primary reason for our presence and that our Staff are the company’s most valuable asset
  2. We endevour to keep pace, in knowledge and understanding, with the environmental issues and challenges facing a rapidly developing Gulf region
  3. We maintain a close working relationship with our clients and provide balanced but valid analyses to environmental issues, offering solutions that, whilst innovative, are always practical, sustainable and cost-effective